Monday, March 1, 2010

Where is My Course?

Courses from Summer 2006 - Spring 2010 are located on the Blackboard Archives Server (

To move your course from the Blackboard Archives server to the new Blackboard server, please follow the steps below.

Prepare your Gold course.

Don't have a gold course? Email to request a copy of your current courses for modifying/copying.
  • Turn off grading in all discussion forums.
  • Discussion Board > Modify Forum > Forum Settings > No grading in forum > Submit
Request COLRS to move your course.
Email to request your course to be copied to the the new Blackboard server (
  • Let us know the course(s) you wish to have copied.
  • Let us know if you wish for announcements to be copied.
  • All content areas, discussion boards, and tests/surveys/pools will be copied by default.
  • The Gradebook will NOT copy to Blackboard 9.
Update your course.
Consider implementing some of the new features of Blackboard 9.
  • Consider the Module/Unit format that fits your course organization. Placing all course content in a single location makes it easy for your students to navigate and find all the course information.
  • New tools: Home Page, Blogs, Journals, Group Assignments
  • No Digital Dropbox.
Recreate the elements you decide to keep.
  • Assignment manager assignments and Turnitin Assignments will NOT copy to Blackboard 9.
  • Tests and Surveys will need to be redeployed to content areas. The tests, surveys, and pools themselves copy; they simply need to be redeployed.

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